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Ludmilla Wild Thing  - Carnival
Ludmilla Wild Thing  - Carnival

Ludmilla Wild Thing - Carnival



Why we designed this

The name Ludmilla makes us think of serenity under pressure, grace under scrutiny, and a strong fighting spirit. The Ludmilla style looks architecturally sophisticated while highly easy to wear. Soft, luxurious high-performance mesh accents adorn this leotard across the shoulders, back and torso. 

What fabrics we used

The main body is made of soft matte nylon spandex fabric with a (lined) polyester spandex mesh section on torso, shoulders and back.

What else is cool about this leotard

The colorway 'Carnival' features playful hot pink, energetic coral, and spicy dark berry hues. The print 'Wild Thing' was created using the popular 'big cat' print motif and injecting a bit of gymnastics fun into it with a splash of leaping-gymnast silhouettes.


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